We are a group of digital outlier, with a combined passion for technology, travelling, food and FUN.

Our mission is to create a better world through technology and fun experiences

We want to shape the future of IT and Technology into something that helps create a better world.

Charles Winata


Years of experience in IT, spent more than a decade in cybersecurity, now busy solving client’s problems, infatuated with buy-for-life items, love Game of Throne, and a fan of Packers & Eagle.

Irwan Gunadi


Always entrepreneur in heart, and always work in life. His motto : Let’s make everything works yet SIMPLE !!!

Titus Winarko


In a quest of finding a perpetual motion machine. Besides crushing data with Splunk, he can be found in toolshed or kitchen figuring out how to make the nicest meat jerky in the world

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