We are a group of digital outlier, with a passion for technology, traveling, food, and fun.

Cliched as it may be, we want to put in good work, so we can leave this world better than when we found it. We believes in using Information Technology to improve and assist our quality of life, and this is our passion.

Charles Winata


Decades of experience in IT, spent a very long time at the fore front of cybersecurity, and now making sure we deliver value to our customers. Lately enamored by buy-for-life goods and always a fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre of books and story tellings.

Irwan Gunadi


Always an entrepreneur at heart. He always want to make everything works and yet to achieve it with the simplest way possible.

Titus Winarko


In a quest of finding a perpetual motion machine. Besides munching data in Splunk, you can find him in his raw selvedge denim tinkering around in his toolshed fixing stuffs. He is still working on the creating the best home made jerky.